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The Best Home Inspectors

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We are the most cost effective home inspectors in Colorado and include a Sewer Scope, Gas Leak Detection, CO Detection, High Definition Drone and much more...

Access Your Inspection Any Time

Your home inspection report is available to you for several years after the inspection

Simple To Use

The online report is in depth and easy to use.

Certified Home Inspectors

Every home inspector is certified by NACHI the National Association of Home Inspectors.

Included with Every Inspection

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

We include many home inspections services for free that other inspection companies charge for saving you hundreds of dollars.

Sewer Scope

As long as we have access to a cleanout we can perform a sewer scope for FREE!

High Definition Drone Footage

If it is unsafe to walk on the roof we use a high definition drone to take 4k images and videos of the roof surface.

CO and Gas Leak Detection

We use sensitive gas sniffers to detect CO and gas leaks.

We inspect all types of houses in Colorado

Call us to talk about the Mr Home check difference, 719-822-1185.